Baidu SEO 2020:

Chapter 1: Baidu's Best SEO Practices [2020]

Entering the Chinese market is not easy; you should know these ten things first.

  • 1. Avoid Politic & Social Issues

  • In 2018, the Chinese government got angry with Marriott. It lists Taiwan, Tibet, Hong Kong and Macao as separate countries in the survey. For this particular mistake, China took down the site immediately. baidu seo guide


  • Baidu won't crawl your site if you criticize China's sensitive stands on Taiwan, Tibet, Hong Kong and Macao. These sensitive aspects are killing your website if you plan to target and SEO in China.

  • Exclusive Q&A with Kun Tang, Founder of Jademond Digital, China::

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  • 2. Know The Competitions

  • It’s worth searching for similar products on Baidu search engines to get a view of what already works. Get the market insight from your Chamber of Commerce in China.

  • 3. Content Duplication

  • If you have duplicate content, Baidu is even less tolerant. This content wastes crawl budget and dilutes page equity.

  • The possible reasons for having duplication content:

    • • Many URLs for the same page.
    • • Having the same language contents for different locales.
  • You must merge and show only one version of your website for Baidu.

  • 4. Baidu Algorithms

  • I have collected a list of Baidu Algorithm Updates from 2013-2018.

  • In Baidu’s official "SEO College," they emphasize on how Baidu does not crawl your website if

    • • The content is thin or not high quality.
    • • The page loads slow.
    • • The main body content isn’t prominent.
    • Baiduspider cannot crawl Flash and iFrame websites.
    • Baiduspider cannot able to process many URL parameters.
    • Baiduspider cannot crawl AJAX content and Javascript link.
  • 6. Shared Web Hosting

  • The Chinese government is known to crack down censor sites that it finds offensive. If you're sharing a server with one or more of those websites, you're going down as well.

    I recommend that you should get a dedicated server where you share it with no one.

  • 7. The Great Firewall

  • The Great Firewall blocks western sites like social media, news, streaming apps, blogging websites, etc.

    Not all business sites blocked, you can check whether your website is blocked at

  • 8. Internet Content Provider (ICP License)

  • To get an ICP certificate, you need a physical presence in China. With an ICP license, you can get web hosting and other benefits in China.

  • What is Chinese SEO?

    The definition of Chinese SEO is no different from Google SEO. Both terms focus on optimizing your site for higher ranking in search engine results. Today, Chinese SEO is not about increasing search visibility or ranking.

    You have to help the searchers to do his or her tasks. Whatever that is, you have provided an experience while they are surfing on the site.

  • 9. Global CDNs For China SEO

  • The Chinese government decided to block a global CDN like EdgeCast in November 2014. Wordpress sites with Edge CDN do not work in China.

    With the CDN server, your website can load super fast in China. If you cannot host your site in China, these global CDNs can still help you: Quantil, CDNetworks, and Akamai.


  • 10. Domain

  • According to Search Metrics, Baidu doesn’t discriminate sites with .com domains. Websites with .com extension do rank in Baidu. See the chart below.


  • TLDs of Top 1000 Most Visible Domains in China.
5. Baiduspider's Limitation